Expected Dress in Secondary Schools

The following items are examples of what PCSSD believes is needed to ensure order and consistency:

  1. No sagging.

  2. Pants, jeans, or shorts with tears or fraying above the knee must have clothing underneath.

  3. Leggings, spandex, jeggings, tights, yoga pants, or any other similar tight-fitting bottoms MUST be covered with a dress, skirt, shorts, or shirt no shorter than ID badge length from the knee.

  4. Any shorts, dresses, or skirts worn with or without leggings no shorter than ID badge length from the knee.

  5. Revealing clothing (transparent, midriff, holes, backless, low cut blouses, spaghetti straps, tank tops, sleeveless) is not acceptable.

  6. Sleepwear or pajamas are not acceptable.

  7. Shoes are required to be worn at all times.

  8. Students may not wear clothing, outerwear, pins, symbols, or insignia of prohibited organizations or street gangs while at school or at any school-related activity.

  9. Students may not wear clothing, buttons, patches, jewelry, or any other items with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, or signs that are indecent, profane, suggestive, inflammatory or that have negative overtones that appear to be derogatory or discriminatory.

  10. Spike jewelry, chains, and hair picks are not permitted.

  11. Head coverings and sunglasses must be taken off upon entering the school and left in the lockers. Medical exceptions require written approval from a school administrator.